Community Free Dental Clinic


Community Free Dental Clinic Update


Thank you to all of you who are assisting us at the clinic as well as those of you who are donating to our clinic in other ways.

We struggle each week to meet the demands for our services. We have now registered our 2000th patient in a mere 19 months!

As we begin adapting the building at our new facility on Whitesburg Drive, our finances are stretched thin. We have just been awarded a

few more grants and have raised money at our Tortora’s night as well as the fashion show with the Cosmopolitan Club,

but our costs continue to rise. We will need new electrical lines throughout the building as well as some flooring and carpentry.

We also need to purchase additional surgical equipment.


Please consider making a tax free donation to our clinic to help us move forward with our service to the Madison County adults

in need. Get your church involved by donating to our clinic or collecting items for use in the clinic.

If you helped us in our early months of operation, please come again and see how we have grown!

If you would like to become a new volunteer, it would be a great benefit to our low income community.

Just call Ginger at 256-426-8848.


Donations may be sent to:

The Community Free Dental Clinic

2341 Whitesburg Drive

Suite 3

Huntsville, AL 35801

Phone: 256-489-1853