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Free Dental Clinic Update


In 2016, the Clinic was able to treat 1791 patients and provide $959,076 worth of services for poverty level adults in Madison County with critical dental needs. We have taken care of multiple patients with active cancer, including face and neck cancers. We also saw many women who were victims of abuse who had several teeth broken off at the gum line. We saw stories like the lady with MS who had fallen and broke all of her front teeth. What may seem sad, became a relief because of the help provided them.

As you know, we do not charge our patients for their dental care; therefore, we rely on donations of time, talent, goods, and financial support from our community to enable the clinic to provide for the poor of our area who are in dire need of dental services.

Give me a call and we can arrange to have you come by and take a tour of the clinic.

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Donations may be sent to:

The Community Free Dental Clinic

2341 Whitesburg Drive

Suite 3

Huntsville, AL 35801

Phone: 256-489-1853