Community Free Dental Clinic


Community Free Dental Clinic Update


The Clinic is appreciative of all our volunteers and  donations.  We have ordered new equipment to aid    us as we attempt to increase our hours of operations.  In the ten months that we have been open, we have served 1200 patients!  Since we offer extractions only, we assumed that we would have a smaller patient load as the months progressed.; we couldn’t have been more wrong!   We are receiving twenty or more calls per day and have our schedule booked for the next six weeks.

If you or any of your staff would like to volunteer with us, it would be a great benefit to us and to our low  income community.  Just call us at 256-426-8848.   Remember that you get one CE hour for each time that you volunteer!


Please volunteer time — disposable dental supplies — and/or cash!

This endeavor is making waves in our Dental Community but we can’t do it without your commitment.

Suggested supplies include panoramic film, gloves, syringes, needles, anesthetics, bib tape, autoclave bags.