Community Free Dental Clinic


Free Dental Clinic Update


The free dental clinic continues to grow with the help of many of the dentists in our community.  We have now treated more than 4200 patients. We continue to provide extractions only to poverty level residents of Madison County. Our patients are very appreciative of the help we can provide and our local hospitals are happy they have a place to send ER patients.

We don’t typically work on wisdom teeth unless they have serious complications. Our clinic maintains most of the usual items that you would find in your own office. We have a registered nurse on hand at all times and have oxygen and an AED.  We have three dental assistants who are with us every day.  If you do extractions in your practice, we would love to have you join us. We can arrange for 3 to 5 patients for you to see.

Give me a call and we can arrange the date or have you come by and take a tour of the clinic.
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Donations may be sent to:

The Community Free Dental Clinic

2341 Whitesburg Drive

Suite 3

Huntsville, AL 35801

Phone: 256-489-1853